The Best Books for Proposal Managers: 30 Recommendations

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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  1. “Proposal Writing: The Art of Persuasion” by Jean B. Kline
  2. “The Proposal Writer’s Guide: Writing to Win Government, Private Sector, and International Contracts” by David G. Jarrow
  3. “Writing Winning Business Proposals: Your Guide to Landing the Client, Making the Sale, and Persuading the Boss” by Richard C. Freed, Karen M. Albritton, and Mary M. Munter
  4. “Mastering the Art of Proposal Writing” by Raouf A. G. Hassan
  5. “The Proposal: A Guide to Effective Business Writing” by William R. Pasewark
  6. “The Elements of Business Writing” by Gary Blake and Robert W. Bly
  7. “Proposal Management: A Guide to Winning Business” by J. Keith Murnighan and John L. Wilson
  8. “The Proposal Writing Template” by Peter K. Picknelly
  9. “The Winning Business Proposal: How to Write It and How to Use It” by Bruce R. Gabrielle
  10. “The Business Writing Handbook” by Helen Sutton and Marion Smith
  11. “Writing Effective Business Proposals” by Larry R. Smeltzer
  12. “Proposal Planning & Writing” by Lynn E. Miner and Jeremy T. Miner
  13. “The Grant Writing Handbook” by James Jay, Jr.
  14. “The Complete Guide to Writing Effective Proposal Letters” by Joel H. Pfeiffer
  15. “The Fundamentals of Proposal Writing” by Philip C. Kolin
  16. “Writing a Winning Business Proposal” by John A. Sands
  17. “The Essential Guide to Proposal Writing” by Lynn E. Miner
  18. “The Proposal Writer’s Handbook” by J. William Pfeiffer and Arlene K. Saffron
  19. “The Proposal Writing Short Course” by Wendy J.A. Peel
  20. “The Art of Persuasion: Winning Without Intimidation” by James B. O’Neill
  21. “The Business Proposal Handbook” by Mary E. Parker and Michael D. Anderson
  22. “Proposal Writing: The Practical Guide” by David S. Siegel
  23. “How to Write a Business Proposal” by Michael Knowles
  24. “The Business Proposal: A Hands-On Guide” by Carol Tice
  25. “The Essential Guide to Business Proposal Writing” by Peter J. O’Shea
  26. “Business Proposal Writing: A Simple Guide for Small Businesses” by Matthew K. Toren
  27. “Mastering Proposal Writing: A Guide to Funding Success” by Mark C. Angell and John W. Oliver
  28. “The Complete Guide to Writing a Business Proposal” by Beth A. Luey
  29. “Writing a Successful Business Proposal: Tips, Techniques, and Samples” by Jeanette S. Martin and L. Sue Baugh
  30. “The Proposal Writing Handbook” by Billie J. Tzemach and Beverly A. Browning

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