What is the peculiarity of the Entreprenuer mindset?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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An entrepreneur is a problem seeker, solver, and innovator. The way towards entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial mindset can be sought after by anyone. For those who are interested in attaining entrepreneurial success for themselves, here are some of the traits an entrepreneur’s mind should have:


The main asset of an entrepreneur is the ability to see things differently. Whether it is with new products or new processes, entrepreneurs are driven by the ability to see problems in the marketplace and come up with innovations to fill them. Though it’s not the only essential quality to success, creativity may be the fundamental skill.


There is a time place for constructive criticism, but successful entrepreneurs look at every problem they face with the confidence that a solution can and will be found.

Suspicion of predictors

Entrepreneurs often tend not to labour under the assumption that data is the sole predictor of an outcome. Especially in a new market and with new products where data is largely interpretive or assumed, entrepreneurs are unaffected by the typical predictors that may scare away fainter hearts.

These entrepreneurs realize that creating something new always has a risk, and no one can know the outcome with any amount of certainty.

Comfort with uncertainty

Similarly, a distrust of prediction and analysis creates an atmosphere with uncertainty.  Uncertainty is indeed the very essence of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are comfortable existing in that space between raw ideas and successful products, and they tend to live in the ground of experimentation, revision, and testing.

Openness to experimentation

A comfort with experimentation goes beyond scientific trial and error. The ability to experiment with new products, processes, and outcomes, no matter where the results may lead, is the essential element of this quality. Most people are comfortable when testing new products or systems with a range of possible outcomes. When the results fall accurately within the range, we can go on to the next step.

Functional humility

Egos can destroy the very best ideas. Entrepreneurs who are committed to solving a business problem or reinventing a product display a functional humility. They understand that their egos are only useful in moving the idea forward, not producing outcomes to make results conform to a preconceived notion. The very best entrepreneurs may constantly generate and promote their ideas, but they think and act collaboratively and are solutions-focused.

So can everyone have an entrepreneurial mind? Maybe not. But with time and practice, we can begin to think more like entrepreneurs and achieve an entrepreneurial mindset. We can start to make small shifts in old, reflexive thinking that stops us from exploring new ideas or taking the leap required and launching our own business. Entrepreneurial thinking may be less of a destination and more of a journey as we push our boundaries and explore exactly what we are capable of.

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