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What are the Different Types of Newsletters Used for Content Marketing?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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The email market is almost dead now because of spamming too much of emails. In order to stand out from the crowd and provide something valuable to your customers and potential customers, newsletters are the cream of the crop. The best thing about newsletters is that people can access them wherever they are, whenever they want and on whatever device they choose. Newsletters need not necessarily be formal; in fact, they are the best way to initiate conversations with your customers and prospects. There are basically four types of newsletters which vary from each other in terms of their style and content.

#1 Single Point Style

The single point newsletter is used to convey selected points or opinions that the company holds regarding a particular topic. This type of newsletter demands the brand to devote a good amount of time to craft the newsletter. It is thoughtful and value-driven. Single point newsletter is the best option for brands that are striving to establish themselves in the industry. The content of the newsletter can be anything, either something related to the brand or something that is not directly about the brand.  The length of the newsletter doesn’t matter at all as the content covers a wide area.

#2 Network Style

The Network style is where you use the links to various contents around the web as the content of your email. Here, you’ll be putting together all this different information under one roof and present it to your customers. The best part about the network style newsletters is that you don’t have to write a lot or spend a lot of time on creating a newsletter. If you are running out of time and still want to provide your customers with quality content, a network style newsletter is the best thing you can do. Here, you just have to add the links to all the contents which can be either related to your brand or a general content. The newsletter as such will be focused on a number of different topics that are related to the industry. There is practically no writing involved in this type of newsletter. It is a compendium of information and resources.

#3 Blog Style

The Blog style is suitable for brands with a reservoir of high-quality blog content. For companies that wish to create more traffic using their content, this is the right option. These types of newsletters are mainly focused on only the topics related to the brand and are aimed at promoting the brand. The contents will be original and exclusive. It can also contain some additional information about whatever is happening in the industry. Compared to the network style, the blog style involves some writing part also. It is in the blog style that you can make use of images and graphics. These can be a great help to deliver the content accurately.

#4 Stalwart Style

In this style, the newsletters are more dedicated and well-crafted. It requires a lot of writing, editing and rereading. The brands will probably need a team that creates quality content from time to time. These are a great way to establish the brand as the authority in the industry.  The stalwart style newsletters also use links to reinforce the content of the email.  The content can be focused on several different topics with an all-embracing theme. This is the most customer-focused type of newsletter which makes it clear through the content that the brand knows its audience well.

Some Useful Content Ideas

  • Conduct a poll
  • Share facts/tips
  • Share testimonials
  • Discuss news from industry
  • Include graphics/images

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