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The New APMP Practitioner Certification Exam PART 3

Baskar Sundaram

Cross References Between The Syllabus And The APMP BoK

Syllabus Areas:

  1. Information Research, Management and Sales Orientation (IM)
  2. Planning and Management (PM)
  3. Development (DV)
  4. Behaviour and Attitude (BA)

Book your Exam

After reading the guide and taking the practice exam, you will need to schedule a time to sit for the exam.

Click here, then on the page that opens find APMP’s Practitioner exam in the left column.


The cost for the APMP Practitioner OTE is $650 USD.

There may be an additional cost if you choose to participate in an APMP Practitioner Orientation Session presented by one of APMP’s recognized Approved Training Organizations. Search the APMP Event Calendar for Practitioner orientation sessions available currently.

Frequently Asked Questions 

If you are planning to get the APMP certification but feel lost about process, here are some of the frequently asked questions about the APMP Practitioner Certification Exam to get you started on your certification journey.

What do I do to get started?

  • When you have created an account in the APMG Candidate Portal, and completed all mandatory fields of the registration process for your Practitioner exam and clicked ‘Next’ on the Exams page you will be presented with a calendar and a list of time slots.
  • Here you can select a date and time for your Practitioner exam. Click ‘Schedule Exam’ to book it. If a time slot is greyed out that slot is unavailable. Exam time slots are only available up until the expiry date of your Practitioner exam.

At what time should I arrive for my APMP Practitioner exam?

  • Arrive for your Practitioner exam at the time of your appointment or just before. You will have 10 minutes after your appointment to connect to your proctor.
  • If you miss your appointment you will be marked as a “No Show”. Please contact APMG and we can help you in the rescheduling of the exam.

What do I need to bring with me on the day of my APMP Practitioner exam?

  • You need to bring a form of photo ID (i.e. driver’s license, passport) to show to your proctor and any materials authorised for the Practitioner exam.
  • Bring a reflective surface (e.g. a mirror or smartphone) to show the Proctor your screen if you have a built-in webcam.

What information am I allowed to access during the exam?

  • This is an open-book examination. You are able to access the APMP BoK as well as use a printed, or online, version of the guide, which includes the Industry Glossary, as reference material.

Read more about the exam and be fully prepared for the Certification exam by buying our course here.

The article briefly details key examinable syllabus area from the APMP Practitioner certification.

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