How to Crack a Facilities Management Proposal?

Baskar Sundaram
Baskar Sundaram

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Businesses often make the mistake of focusing on themselves rather than the customers when writing a proposal. The key to success lies in focusing on your clients and their problems. Though facilities managers are great at meeting people and offering unique solutions, it can be difficult putting this across in the written proposal. It is important to keep your proposal customer focused and not company focused.

It is important to show your understanding of the customers’ problems. You must use company testimonials and facts only as evidence to validate your proposal.

Here are some tips on writing winning bids and tenders:


Identify the core issues which are doing to be addressed in the proposal. It is important to have an idea of our framework and the areas you are going on focus on before you actually start the writing process. Discuss with your colleague or hold a meeting and decide which ideas are important, desirable, essential and unessential. Aim to include ideas which are both important and needed.

Customer Focused

Always think from the perspective of your prospect. Understand their situation and the problems that need to be solved. Think about their position, problem, solutions and future. Do not write down everything that you think will win the contract. Always focus on your solutions before providing information about your capabilities. Remember to highlight the benefit in terms of cost reduction for the clients, health and safety and other benefits and key aspects.


Different heads of the department and decision makers will be reading your prospect. Consider the varying needs of each member. Head of finance will want different information than the head of marketing. Add in facts, figures and tables that will please everyone. Do not fill pages with facts. Instead use the appendices for providing details.

Language Matters

Using persuasive language will help connect with your clients. Use the words “we” and “us” to help create a visual image of team work and working together. Always use active voice whenever possible. Only use jargon when you are sure that your reader will understand them.

Fact Check

Even simple mistakes can undermine your offer. Check the spelling of products and place names. Ask someone else to proof read as a fresh pair of eyes can spot errors faster. Typos and spelling mistakes can go unnoticed. So always proof read extra slowly and check each word carefully.

Short And Sweet

Make your tender short and concise. Cut unnecessary phrases and information. Remember to keep your sentences short. The length of your tender does not determine your success. Keeping things short shows that you put in the effort.


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