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Tips to Help you Pass APMP Capture Practitioner Exam

Baskar Sundaram
Writing an exam can always seem like a daunting and scary process. More and more people are interested in gaining a certification and many of them attempting the exam will have more experience and knowledge of the industry. Since the exam is relatively new, you might still be confused about the structure and format of the paper. Here, are some tips to help you along the way of certification:

  1. Always attempt the practice exam. Not only will you get an idea about the format of the exam but you will also get an idea about the questions. Some questions from the practice exam will be repeated in the main exam with few minor changes. So attempt the exam close to the main exam so the questions are still fresh in your head.

  2. Do not pressurize yourself into doing the whole sample exam at once. Attempt it in sections and learn accordingly.

  3. The format of the current version of Practitioner exam is similar to the Capture exam.The content is also similar. But Capture has more ambiguous and subjective questions.

  4. Practice navigating through the BoK and learn to use the search function. You can search for key words to quickly get the answers.

  5. If the answer in multiple choice questions is quoting the definition of the term, it is often the right option.

  6. Answer and flag the option, if the question is not clear. Later questions in the section might help you understand the question better and you can change the answer accordingly.

  7. In questions where you need to select two options, look for options that are interlinked.

  8. You can also try the elimination process and eliminate the options with no connections.

  9. If the choice is between doing nothing and doing something, choose the option to do something.

  10. Details are important. If the choice is between simply doing something and doing something in more detail, pay attention to details and choose that.

  11. It is okay to involve the senior management when it comes to staffing and resources.

  12. Do not make assumptions. “Expecting” is much better.

  13. Do not make base answers on statements or reasoning such as “It worked in the past” or “It worked on another customer”.

  14. If youare asked if some action is the most suitable to take and one of the answers sounds like something a competent opponent will do, it is usually the right option.

  15. Always arrange a meeting to discuss things.

  16. Look into online resources and courses that help in certification.

The article briefly details key examinable syllabus area from the APMP Practitioner certification.

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