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Practice:The Only Way to Better Yourself

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Despite our different lifestyles, we are all faced with tough decisions and new problems to solve. Creativity is simply being able to think of difficulties from different perspectives and discover solutions that have not been thought of yet.

Here are some tips to keep the mind fresh and alive with new ideas:

Connect The Dots

Making links between two seemingly unrelated experiences is a proven way to expand creative muscles and allow your conscious to be open to different ideas. People who consistently have great ideas are especially good at making unusual connections.

Create A Rich Reservoir Of Ideas

Before you can find a good idea, you often need to start with many ideas. Creative people understand that during the brainstorming quantity is better than quality.

Those with creative confidence think of many ideas – and 99% of them are probably completely useless. But you need to let your brain flow freely to find the good stuff. As a consequence, one thing creative people do is create a rich reservoir of ideas. This implies having a place to store and save your ideas. All your ideas. Even the common and undeveloped ones.


Pay close attention to the world around you. Learn from others by observing them closely because sometimes a breakthrough idea is just one small insight away.

Avoid Ruts

If you get stuck doing the same things every day in the, your brain does not get much new to work with. It is great to travel to distant lands, but it is also possible to excite your brain closer to home. Make a point of doing at least one thing differently every week.

Take breaks from work and phone

Even short breaks can dramatically improve your ability to focus on a task for prolonged periods. it is advised that you work for 25 minutes, take a five-minute break, then work for another 25 minutes. After every four work sessions, take a 20-minute break. Use a timer to make sure you stick to these time frames. So, get used to taking a few breaks from the devices and let your mind rest.

Do Not Be Afraid To Look Silly

Take the lead from children, they are endlessly curious and they allow creativity to take hold. That’s when ideas happen. Be a little doolally from time to time.

Creative ideas are not reserved for special ones or naturally creative minds, they can come to anyone. It is all about mindset and the ability to think in new ways. Developing new habits and encouraging different practices can help enormously.

Of course, there will be dry spells when the flow is interrupted. That’s perfectly natural. The key is to stick with it and push through, remembering, maintaining and encouraging all those great new habits.



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