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Baachu Community Guidelines

Baachu communities are the go-to communities for answers to any questions related to procurement and growing your business online. They are designed as a place where Baachu members can connect, support, and encourage each other as they implement the latest bidding strategies.

The 5Ps of strategy!

In our strategy series, we bring to you little nuggets of wisdom from the sages of strategy and business – the kind of advice and insights you have heard over and over again, but reveal something new every time you hear them. Henry Mitzberg’s 5 P’s of Strategy: Plan...

SAY MY NAME – What is a brand?

Say my name is a new series from Baachu which aims to act as a step by step guide for successful branding. Ep 1: Of all the words we use, Brand is often overlooked and constantly evolving. The way brand behaves has changed drastically with the socio-economic and...

Strategy 101

Ep 1: What’s strategy and what’s not! Every so often, we have strategy meetings. For it not to be a mere  ritual, we need to be clear we are in fact focusing on strategy and not merely trying to set goals, for there is a massive difference between the two. What’s not...

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