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Top Ten Business Winning Podcasts of 2020

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Baskar Sundaram

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Podcasts, Podcasts, Podcasts!

While you’ve been stuck in your work following the same strict strategies and procedures with no expected change or advice in the horizon, creators around the world have been busy making podcasts to make your job in Bid and Proposal industry intriguing  and ever evolving. No matter if you are a newbie or a professional, the knowledge and guidance of these experts is going to get you your career ladder.

Let’s take a look at the top ten best Business podcasts of 2020 to break the monotony and start growing.

Scribble Talk

 Scribble Talk is one of the most popular and hit podcasts on the Bid and Proposal Industry of 2020 with 12k+ downloads and 140+ episodes. Each episode of the podcast is filled with a fun and engaging interview of skilled and experienced Bid professionals done by the host, Baskar Sundaram. Starting from the career journey and stories with APMP to advices for industry newbies, Scribble Talk even has a fan base for its fun and engaging Rapid Questions Round. With more and more seasons released exclusively for the bid and proposal industry professionals and  listeners from 10+ countries across the world, Scribble Talk is gaining international acclaim.

The Red Review With Mike & Jeremy

The Red Review is a podcast started in 2019 and created for people involved in bidding, proposals and procurement. With 30-35 minutes long episodes, the podcast discusses everything from RFPs and PQQs through to bid strategy, team development, marketing and business development.

Perpetual Traffic

 Perpetual Traffic is a semi-weekly podcast that shares cutting-edge strategies developed at Digital Marketer on acquiring leads and sales for business through paid traffic. The show is produced by the Scalable Media Network and hosted by Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam.

Scribble Talk Teaching

Scribble Talk Teaching is another initiative of Baachu Scribble where long and subject focused discussions are made by the host Baskar Sundaram and a bid and proposal industry veteran.  The discussions are mostly on topics like Market changes, upcoming trends of RFP Teams and business proposal paradoxes with leading experts like Eric Gregory, Tony Birch, Maria Goren and many others and help newbies to industry veterans to learn about the latest trends in the industry. Each episode is 40 – 50minutes long and was an instant hit since its launch in 2021.

The RFP Success Show

The RFP Success podcasts will bring you information, strategies, or resources to help you Win more business through Requests for Proposal (RFPs). The podcast follows the pattern of a discussion between the host, Lisa Rehurek and one or more invited guests where new changes in the market are discussed. With 100+ episodes, RFP Success Show teaches you about brand building and RFP Team strategies.

The Proposal Works

The Proposal Works is a podcast launched in 2021 by Pete Nicholls where business proposal experts share stories of their wins and the strategies that lead to it. Here, the host discusses with his guests on various topics related to the industry including RFP Teams and sales and has around 10+ episodes.

The Smalls Cast

The Smalls Cast is a government focused podcast which is designed for Small Government contractors, service providers, and manufacturers, as part of the Government Contractor Ecosystem, connecting people, organizations, and resources.  The podcast series began in 2020 with th leadership of the two creators Nate and DK.

GovCon Bid and Proposal Insights

This proposal manager Podcast contains a wealth of information about all things related to the public sector bidding process. From the C-Suite to a GovCon newbie, this show has something for everyone. Each episode will discuss topics related to government business development, capture, and proposal management.

The Bid Podcast

The Bid Podcast is a production of the US company BlackRock that breaks down what’s happening in the markets and explores the forces that are changing investing. Hear thought leaders from and outside of BlackRock discuss the trends shaping society and why they matter, such as geopolitics, sustainability and technology.

Keys To Winning Podcast

Here is a podcast hosted by Raymond Thibodeaux that gives tips for proposal managers that will help throughout the proposal r[procedures. The podcast  also provides practical advice for government contracting professionals from industry experts. 

So, are you ready to check out these business lessons?

Let us know how much you loved them and also, check out our  PodFan page to have all your favourite Scribble Talk podcasts in one place.

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