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AI Updates

  1. Create your Own #ChatGPTin MINUTES! Imagine this – Create the unique AI assistant you’ve always dreamt of, on top of your data, always updated, secured, and shareable!  
  • Design your personalized AI assistant on top of multiple data sources – Websites, Apps, DBs, Files, and more!
  • Update your AI Assistant in near real-time when your data is updated!
  • Collaborate with your team and improve the work around you!
  • Share your AI Assistant with anyone using secured Links or Integrate it into your own Website / Application. Check ai    
    ChatGPT ‘s Rival is out! Claude v2  isn’t just another chatbot. It has redefined how we interact with AI platforms by extending the length of meaningful interactions to an incredible 75,000 words. Picture this: you have a daunting, lengthy document or a comprehensive PDF that requires summarization. Claude v2, in mere seconds, delivers a succinct summary at just a quarter of the price of comparable services. Amazing, isn’t it?
  • What sets Claude v2 apart is its commitment to ethical AI. The platform has been designed with a unique “constitution” to prevent the generation of harmful content, making it a responsible addition to the AI community.

  • Claude’s ethical foundation extends to its learning material, which includes guidelines from trusted sources such as the UN Declaration of Human Rights and Apple’s T&Cs. This ethical underpinning ensures Claude’s responses are guided by principles of safety, fairness, and respect.
    Introducing ‘GPT-Researcher’ : Specify what you want to research, and the AI will autonomously research it for you in minutes!
  • One prompt generates an unbiased, factual and in depth research report
  • Generate research, outlines, resource and lessons reports
  • Aggregates over 20 web sources per research
  • Includes an easy to use web interface
  • Scrapes web sources with javascript support
  • Keeps track and context of visited and used web sources

  1. 25 Frequently Asked Questions About AI Bid & Proposal Writing : What is AI bid writing? How accurate is AI bid writing? Can the AI understand complex bid requirements? Get answers to these questions and more. Click Here


5. Shutterstock is licensing it’s image/video/music data to OpenAI in exchange for VIP access to its latest tech.
6. Nvidia has an estimated 80% grip of the AI chip market (WSJ).
7. Baichuan, one of China’s most promising language models, was released this week.
8. GPT-4 cost an estimated $63 million to train and runs on a cluster of 128 GPUs, according to leaks.
9. Beehiiv, our newsletter software, launched AI art and writing features inside its editor.
10. Slang, an AI phone-answering service, raised $20 million.
11. Immersive Fox, a software for producing videos of your face, raised $3.3 million

Meme of the Week

Unbox Your Baachu AI Scoop: Real Stories, Top Tools & Training

AI Tools for the Week

  • Coframeis an AI assistant that operates and self-improves your website 24/7.
  • Dansweris an open-source solution to answering questions across all your internal docs.
  • DragGanlets you completely manipulate photos via point-and-drag controls.
  • AskAIcan answer questions about your content/docs in Slack and Teams
  • Anthropic launchedClaude v2 yesterday in the US and UK, and it’s by far the closest competitor we’ve seen to ChatGPT.
  • I recently began using Perplexity AI’s Pro plan. The search experience there is incredibly well executed. Perplexity AI Pro is free and can nail multiple queries with much faster and well-formatted answers in the time it takes to get an answer with several retries on ChatGPT+.

Take the Lead in AI Empowered Bidding: Limited Spaces for Exclusive Summer AI Workshops

In our rapidly evolving world, understanding AI and integrating it into our daily business practices is no longer a luxury, it’s a necessity. Mastering these tools and customizing them to fit our unique needs is crucial for staying ahead of the curve.

Are you prepared to enhance your skills and leverage AI for proposals? We offer hands-on, immersive workshops that will empower you to confidently navigate the AI landscape:

AI-Powered Proposal Mastery

This four-day intensive program includes ten masterclasses designed to help you become an expert in employing AI Tools to create winning proposals faster.
AI Powered Proposal Mastery Cohort 2 is Open

  • 10 Masterclasses for $495 (raising to $795),
  • Starting Today – Jul 14, 17,18, 20, 3PM – 530PM UK.
  • Recordings will be available on demand and life time access to learning portal.


Just so you know, you can currently secure your spot for our 10-masterclass Proposal Mastery Series at a special price. However, this fee will increase with Cohort 3 to align with our bootcamp offerings.

  • For established professionals or those living outside emerging economies, you can join us for just $495. Register here
  • If you’re from an emerging economy or currently job hunting, we’re offering a discounted rate of $195. Register here


But wait, there’s more! Register for the Proposal Mastery Series now, and we’ll throw in a complimentary pass to our inaugural AI-Powered Writing Workshop – a value-packed one-day event, usually priced at $495. You have the flexibility to choose your AI Powered Writing workshop dates


And I totally understand that life can get busy, so if for any reason you can’t make it to the live sessions, don’t worry. We’ll make sure the recordings are available for you on demand. Plus, you get lifetime access to the portal!


Please note that starting from Cohort 3 (scheduled August 18, 21,22,23, 3PM – 530PM UK) The registration fees will increase to $795 and $395 respectively to align with our bootcamp offerings. So, if you’ve been contemplating joining the mastery series, now is the best time to take action and get the most bang for your buck.

AI-Powered Proposal Writer

One day workshop – Master the art of using AI writing tools to gain a competitive edge. Craft compliant, high-quality proposal content in your personalized style.

USA & Canada

  • July 21, 8am – 330pm PST / 11am – 630pm EST.



  • July 22, 11 am – 5 pm IST.
  • August 26, 11 am – 5 pm IST


Middle East

  • July 22, 9:30 am – 4 pm GST
  • August 26, 9:30 am – 4 pm GST


UK & Europe

  • August 25, 830am – 3pm UK.

AI-Powered Graphics & Design 8 week bootcamp

Generate stunning visuals and information graphics using Midjourney, DALL-E, and other creative AI tools.

  • Inaugural Cohort 1 is now Open to All, Every Tuesday and Thursday from July 25 to September 14, 3 pm – 4:30 pm UK.
  • Payment Options available

  • Once you’re registered, we have another gift for you. You’ll receive a complimentary invitation to our inaugural AI-Powered Writing Workshop, a one-day event valued at $495.

AI-Powered Bidder 6 week Bootcamp

Arm yourself with a complete toolkit to become a winning machine powered by AI!

By the end of the series, you will be certified as one of the select few AI Empowered Bidders on the planet. It’s more than just a title – it’s recognition of your commitment to continuous learning and growth in the AI Proposals.


Should you know someone else who would benefit from this opportunity – a colleague, a friend, or anyone else who shares a passion for AI – feel free to pass this information along to them.

Together, we’ll chart the future of AI! Stay curious, stay informed, and let’s shape the future together!

Secure your place before as AI Empowered Bidder!

Celebrating Success: Shout-out to our 27 students who have soared to new heights as AI-Empowered Bidders - AI Powered Bidders Cohorts 1 and 2, and Proposal Mastery Cohort 1! 👏!

When you started this journey, you took a leap of faith. You committed to skilling up on new tools that would transform how you write and communicate. And today, you’ve made it across the finish line. Completing this AI-empowered bidder program is no small feat. You devoted weeks to mastering advanced techniques—from leveraging large language models to honing your prompt engineering. Many would shy away from the unfamiliar. But not you. You saw potential where others saw uncertainty. Each lesson unlocked new superpowers to elevate your craft. And with your new expertise, you can create content that captivates audiences and fuels success.

This is just the beginning. As pioneers of ethical AI-empowered bidding, you will lead the way. You will set the standard. The future is yours to shape.

So as you celebrate today, feel proud of how far you’ve come. But also set your ambitions higher. Keep seeking. Keep innovating. And know there are no limits to what you can achieve when human creativity and wisdom meet AI capability.

As pioneers of ethical AI users, you will lead and inspire others. The future is yours to shape.

Keep seeking. Keep innovating without limits.

I can’t wait to see the impact you make next as AI-empowered writing leaders!

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I am excited for a future where Generative AI tools like these make us all smarter and more well-read to be able to make the right decisions in our work and personal life.

Hey Baskar, remember when I’d tell you about how I was just ‘the kid’ in the office? Well, things have really turned around. Since you turned me onto ChatGPT and Bard, I’ve been nailing it with the proposals! My colleagues have started taking me seriously. For the first time in 5 years, the sales rep asked me to lead a proposal review. I’ve finally shattered that ‘junior’ label and earned the respect I’ve always yearned for.  I’m thriving now, all thanks to you, Baskar.”
“Baskar, where do I begin? You’ve been a beacon in my chaotic work life. Juggling inputs from sales and SMEs had me so overwhelmed, I felt I was standing on the edge of a breakdown. But you, with your insight and guidance, showed me the way. As you said – In ChatGPT, I’ve got a trusted assistant to prepare points for interviews and solutioning. Now, I can manage my roles more efficiently and actually enjoy my job. I can’t express how much this means to me, thank you.”
Baskar, I can’t express enough the difference you’ve made in my life. ChatGPT, your brilliant recommendation, has truly been a game-changer. The countless hours I spent laboring over proposal responses have been traded for precious moments with my kids. For the first time in years, I attended Emily’s sports day and saw the joy in her eyes. I made a promise to her, and myself, to be there for all her special moments. I’m not just delivering winning proposals now; I’m also winning at being a dad. And that, Baskar, is a priceless gift.
Hi Baskar, hope this finds you well. I wanted to express my gratitude for your impactful AI training. Despite my part-time status, I now feel like a full-time high achiever. What a wonderful feeling of empowerment that is! Thank you
“Dear Baskar, I first discovered ChatGPT at your May AI Tools webinar. As a single mother, working from home every extra minute I can get means the world to me. I battled depression working long nights, feeling constant mom guilt. Thanks to your advice on time blocking with ChatGPT, I no longer spend same stupid hours at work. This has freed up my evenings so I can tuck my kids into bed. I finally feel in control of both my work and personal life. More mom time regained. Thank you

The world needs your stories, ideas and purpose-driven content now more than ever. Go share your voice confidently. And remember—you have an entire Baachu AI Community of 1600+ friends right beside you, cheering you on.

The world needs your voices now more than ever.  I  can’t wait to see the collective impact you make as AI trailblazers.

Let your purpose guide you. Shine brightly. Keep sharing your stories. Create waves.

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