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How to Win More Customers by Marketing Less?

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Baskar Sundaram

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This is the future of marketing.

Marketing has evolved over the years and with every new invention, platform and device, businesses need to upgrade themselves to stay afloat. Initially, all one had to do was talk about the product, then the added layer of competition swept in and now we are moving to the era of thoughtful marketing where marketing is focused on the customers’ needs. Generic marketing is in decline as more and more brands are focusing on the message and stories they tell.

With information available everywhere, the future belongs to those companies that market the right message in the right way. It is all about creating a compelling story that will draw the audience in. Continue reading to uncover the ways by which you can freshen up your content and beat your competition.

Give the information they need

The first thing to remember is that nobody cares about your business or your products. People care about themselves. Understand that your customers are people who are going about their lives and your job is to make them notice you. How do you do this?

Customers are bombarded with advertisements daily, from online ads to sponsored videos. So how do you stand out? By getting them to care. You can get them to care when you show them how you will improve their lives.

You need to show how your product, with its unique features, will truly benefit and change customer lives. Creating customer-focused content will help you gain consumer trust. Additionally, content marketing through videos, blogs and podcasts are cheaper than traditional methods.

Build a strategy

There are three levels to building a content marketing plan. The first is awareness. Think of this as the early stage of content marketing where you are trying to bring in your audience and stand out from the crowd. This is where you focus on the information you are providing.

The second level is expertise. With a significant amount of audience and traction, you can now establish yourself as an expert in your field. You are now a brand that provides additional support, value and information beyond your products.

The final level is storytelling. This is where you create an emotional link with your customer. There will be other experts like you in the industry but you stand out because of your personal touch and message. Create a brand message that is deeply meaningful and emotionally compelling and honest.

Audience and niche

Yes, identify your audience. Go beyond the general information like age group and gender. Think of where they work, what their average day is like, what they plan for in the future and much much more. Ask yourself why should such a person care for my product. Identify the issues they face and create content that addresses these issues. Knowing your customer’s persona will help you in narrowing down your niche.

Create a team

Now that you know what to do let’s see how you go about it. Create a team to organize and deliver good content. You will need a chief content officer who oversees the marketing plan. They should be skilled enough to write to the different target audiences. They should also make sure that every content produced is in line with the company’s message.

The next person you need is a content editor and manager who works with freelance writers to schedule, edit and plan content. They review each content and also make sure that it is search engine optimised.

You much also have a review team that looks into how the customers respond to the content published. They monitor and collect responses from online comments, emails and more.

The content marketing team should have a content calendar that provides details on what is to come and when things will be posted or uploaded. Having a schedule and priorities list will show everyone on the team what needs revision, what projects are ongoing and what is coming up next.

Promote and optimize

Everything is ready now but how do you get it out there? Build a strategy that revolves around consistent posting, sharing the right posts and optimising what you post. Share posts and information from other personalities and influencers from your industry. This will help you connect with them and might even help you gain traction. Share your original content regularly and sales or promotional content once in a while.

Whatever content you create make sure it is search engine optimised so that people can find it online. Finally, make sure you use tools like Google Analytics and other metrics to know how your content is doing. Find out how many posts are being shared. How many clicks you get and so on.

Remember you do not need more content. You need the right content and strategy to get your content marketing started. It is all about planning, reviewing and tracking.

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