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What is a Short Talk ?

We just released our new content format: Short Talk. But what exactly is a Short Talk and why should you start listening to them right now? Let’s find out

What is Scribble Short Talk?

Until recently, we’ve focused our articles and blogs in text format. Now, we’re adding podcasts to the mix. As lovers of great audio, we work hard to make sure our blogs are warm, pleasurable, and informative to listen to. 

And now with Short Talks, Baskar Sundaram, Baachu chief executive will help you discover the most essential nuggets and pull out the most useful, interesting, and helpful ideas into a pack you can explore in about 5 -10 minutes. 

A Short Talk is a short version of a podcast episode crafted around its key ideas. We’ll share new episodes to make sure you have access to the best ideas

Keep an eye on Scribble Insider Blogs and our emails for more information about upcoming episodes and new podcast partners. Now that you know what a Short Talk is, why not check one out for yourself in the Scribble Talk Podcast? Great ideas and themes are waiting for you.

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