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Who is a Bid Writer?

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Who is a bid writer?

The Behind the Scenes:

What is a business without a bid writer? This is the same as asking “What is a business without any contracts and clients?”. A bid writer is responsible for filling out the pre-qualification questionnaire to ensure the business has a steady flow of contracts. At times it may take days to complete a bid, which means you must be able to work independently and manage an endless flow of deadlines.

Step one:

When a new proposal opportunity arrives the bid writer must read the provided documentation with a keen eye to best plan the company’s plan of action.  The outcome will either be a well thought-out bid or no-bid decision.

Before writing an actual proposal, if the tender is divided, a bid team may be involved and have tasks delegated accordingly by the bid manager. During this stage, an analysis will be performed to outline all the documentation or accreditation needed. Anything that may cause the submission to fail is noted.

Step two:

Constant and open communication between the bid writer and the company to fill in any missing pieces of information is very important. This is usually done by interviewing the needed department’s technical specialists.

This line of open communication ensures the best possible bid for both parties. As the process is continued eventually an information bid-library can be created where the necessary information can be readily accessed. This makes the process less tedious, time-consuming, and easier.

Step 3: 

Once the bid writer has all the information needed to answer the questions for a section they may officially begin. This will be the first draft that after being proofread can be the final submission. Bid writing is a difficult task as it must be factual and include all the needed data, while still being persuasive and creative.

A good bid takes into account any foreseeable issues and soothes out any wrinkles before they become an actual point of contention. Once all of this is done, and all sections are answered, the bid can be submitted. Any sections unanswered or any missing documents result in a failed submission. There are no second chances in highly competitive fields so the bid writer has to get it right! 

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