Why Are We Starting Baachu Circle Community?

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Are you sick of being sold to sponsors? Paying for a membership  that’s simply a gateway point? Tired of not being able to connect with people properly?

If you feel so then you need to be a part of the Baachu Circle community. Baachu Circle is our exclusive “values driven” private community for business-winning professionals, entrepreneurs and emerging leaders. Inside The Circle, business winning professionals like you come together to meet & support each other, get answers to crucial questions, set weekly goals, participate in challenges, learn from experts, identify the right tool or vendor for any job, and more.

But there’s a catch. This community is NOT open to just everyone. We have a particular set of values and behavior we expect our members to follow. We review your application and when approved, you will receive a personalized link 

Curious to know more. Let us explain…

The What?

Baachu Circle is a values driven private online community for business-winning professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders.  

The Why?

We created Baachu Circle as a way to connect with like-minded professionals. Our custom built “Baachu Together” community platform is designed to bring together all our members to engage in discussions, access live streams, attend events, solve problems, and discuss strategies, while also learning from and supporting each other.

We all feel lonely, inadequate and unhappy at times. This community is a way to eradicate such feelings. It’s a group of people who can relate to our problems and offer guidance, and companionship but mostly kindness. 

Here is a look at our “Core Value” the principles that are the guiding light for our group.

  1. Community First, Not Content First
  2. Be Open And Kind, No Jerks please!
  3. Trust Is The Foundation Of Everything
  4. Knowledge Plus Experience Plus Connections

The Who?

You can join us, if…

  • You are a business-winning professional, entrepreneur or emerging leader.
  • You are committed to putting in the time to grow yourself and your team.
  • You are ready and willing to not only share your thoughts, ideas and failure but also accept feedback from a community.
  • You respect others and are open to supporting a diverse community of people.
  • You are ready to leave your comfort zone and connect with various professionals.

The How?

Join us with 3 simple steps:

Complete The Application

Click here to access our simple application. It’s short and is there to make sure there is a mutually good fit in the community. We just want to make sure that Baachu Circle is a valuable asset to you and your business.

Wait For Approval

We individually review each application in the order they are submitted.  In most cases you will receive instant approval. Typically this process takes less than 24 hours, but please allow up to 72 hours for review and approval. 

Accept Your Invitation

If your application is approved, you’ll receive an invite to join Baachu Circle via email. It will contain your special link to join.


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