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How is it working with an Idea Pitching Machine for a Boss

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Bosses that have fun, new, and innovative ideas can be exciting, but can also be overwhelming. It can be hard to keep up with the new ideas especially when you are still working on the old ones. It is imperative to form a relationship with your boss with ultimate mutual respect. This way you can maintain a positive attitude while working

When your boss shares some ideas with you, do not automatically assume that they want you to do something about it. Individuals that have very creative minds can always spew out various ideas, however it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with them. A smart method to stay updated with what the boss wants is to note down all the ideas and keep them in mind. More often the boss just feels compelled to voice their thoughts and ideas out loud, and have someone acknowledge them. The rule in these type of situations is to make sure you understand what the boss wants and confirm which ideas are the next step that you should be taking. This rule helps avoid any confusion and only increases effective productivity.

Sometimes your boss might come up with an idea, but not consider how much time you have left to finish the task. If your boss is very serious on pursuing the new idea, but the time frame provided is not enough, it is vital to explain to your boss that it is not realistic and to think about the time and cost. This allows the boss to comprehend the measures to make things work and be more reasonable when it comes to pitching brand new ideas.

On the other hand, there may be times that the boss can get distracted with the new ideas and forget about the main ideas that were originally planned. Instead of crossing out the newly pitched idea, redirect the attention to the monthly plan. For example, ask questions such as: Are we able to fit the new idea into our current goals? Is this idea important enough to not include or delay the other planned ideas? Can we do this idea later or does it have to be done now? By asking these questions, the boss can become more aware of their priorities and help them figure out what makes the most sense tactically

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