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Is there any relation between your business growth and digital advertising cost?

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Modern means of communication and information acquisition has drastically changed marketing strategies. Though traditional social media marketing schemes are still working, it’s important to invest in paid digital advertising to expand your business.

How to start building a paid media plan:

Before you start making a concrete plan understand the following:

  • Your target customers
  • Customers’ buying process and decision making
  • Customers’ usage of social media
  • Your budget allocated for digital marketing
  • The message you are projecting

Develop a proper marketing and communication plan once you are sure about your goals.

Different platforms and their advantage  


It is one of the best platforms to find and engage your target customers. Once you learn how to build your audiences based on demographics, geography and interests, you can easily attract new customers. Familiarize yourself with building campaigns and create a plan that works for you.


LinkedIn is the best tool to attract decision makers. Paid marketing on LinkedIn also provides data that helps you see how your ads are working.

Search engine marketing

The biggest advantage of search engine marketing is that you can easily find people who are searching for your products or service. But this form of marketing has become increasingly complex and expensive. It requires some very advanced skills to be able to build, manage and optimize campaigns that get a solid return on your investment.


YouTube advertisements are one of the best ways to attract attention to your brand and products. YouTube pre-roll ads should be short and attention grabbing. If they are long they should have a great story line which should engage the audience. YouTube ads are a great way gain new customers.

Digital Ad Networks

Networks such as AdRoll and DoubleClick place ads on websites where your target customers might be browsing. They place ads all over the internet. Companies must understand their goals and analyse how this form of digital marketing will influence their business.

Remarketing, Affiliate Marketing and Influencers

Remarketing is a very powerful tool that helps you gain more sales. Affiliate marketing is a technique where you offer up commissions to third parties for referral traffic to your website. Influencer marketing is more about product placement and using influencers to promote your product. Again, analyse your target audience and understand their social media usage before going for a product placement.

Remember to be unique and original to stand out. The message that your brand stands for must resonate with your audience. Developing the message your customers want to hear is a good investment. With proper planning and understanding you can develop a digital marketing strategy needed to stand out.

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