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Your last chance to get your APMP Practitioner Certification before the new OTE Format

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Baskar Sundaram

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APMP Practitioner Certification validates that you have a real work mastery of proposal best practices an can lead others in their use to create winning proposals. Practitioners demonstrate that they can successfully apply best practices in the workplace. You can read about the requirements to take the APMP Practitioner exam here.

The current format is based on a 35 question Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ). You must complete the PPAQ by providing objective evidence from your professional experience to substantiate your application.​

The existing 33-question APMP Practitioner Assessment will be phased out and eventually replaced by the new APMP Practitioner Objective Testing Exam (OTE) that will test the experience of the bid and proposal professional and how they apply that experience to a scenario during a two-and-a-half-hour online exam. 

After July 22, 2019, APMP will only offer the new Practitioner OTE to its members.Read about what to expect from this new APMP format here.

Do you plan to complete the APMP CP Practitioner Level Certification before the new Online CP exam?

If you are committed to completing the 35 Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ) before July 15th(with my guidance of course!), this is your LAST CHANCE!

Baachu invites you to take our APMP CP 50 challenge. This challenge is for APMP Foundation members who would like to complete the Proposal Practitioner Assessment Questionnaire (PPAQ) and have their PPAQ ready for assessment before July 15th 2019.

Very few seats remaining!


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