Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, AI Tools and AMA Webinar is next week, Kindness Stories, AI Education, Quotes to Ponder

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Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, AI Tools and AMA Webinar is next week, Kindness Stories, AI Education, Quotes to Ponder
Kindness Stories

In a world filled with challenges and uncertainties, it’s essential to pause and celebrate the moments of kindness that light up our lives. I invite you to take a moment to read some heartwarming stories of kindness that have touched my heart.

I believe that kindness is a universal language that connects us all, transcending boundaries and bringing people closer together. These stories reflect the beauty of humanity and the incredible impact that small acts of kindness can have on someone’s day.
So this week I am sharing with you a story about my family.
My family – is run by three women
A mother never gives up on her child. All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my அம்மா Kalaiselvi. My father left his village in Tamil Nadu to Mumbai for an interview in 1987 (when I was 7) got a role as electrical engineer in Saudia Arabia. He worked there for 21 years.  I only saw him 20 days every 2 years. Yes, My mom not only carried me for 10 months in her womb, she raised me and my sister Kavitha Sundaram for the next 18 years on her own. There were many who ridiculed her, many isolated her (some still do). She stood on her own and brought us up. She will continue to empower me and the people around her.
Being a mother is the toughest (unpaid) job in the world. Behind every success there is atleast one sacrifice. I am the evidence of my parent’s strength. Today I am a Man of Value, thanks to my mother’s upbringing. No man is poor who has Godly mother.
My awesome AMMA. I love you and thank you everyday. Wish you all the happiness, good health and lots of love.I am a strong man because a strong woman raised me
My Sister Kavitha Sundaram– I have a kind heart and fierce mind because this beautiful spirit never gives up on me.
My Wife Junko – I am ambitious because this woman in my life never ask for anything who deserves everything.
I am a strong man because of these strong women in my life.
Do you have kindness stories or experiences in your life. Join our Connect platform, and share and let’s inspire each other to continue spreading love, compassion, and kindness throughout our communities and beyond. Join Now

AI Tools

Composer: Are you into Stock Trading, then check this out – Discover an All-in-One Platform for Crafting AI-Enhanced Trading Algorithms, Backtesting, and Executing Trades without coding skills.

Boolvideo: Elevate Your Marketing with AI-Powered Swift Editing and a Template Gallery to Transform Static Assets into Cinematic-Quality Short Videos .

Intuit Assist: Are you a consultant then check this tool -Revolutionize Small Business Finances with a Personalized AI Financial Advisor, Providing Expert Insights on Taxes, Financing, Business Management, Marketing, and Beyond .

SIS Progress: Do you have any family members entering colleges? Check this tool – Simplify College Admissions with an AI-Enhanced Platform: Enjoy a Streamlined Application Process, Receive Personalized Step-by-Step Guidance, and Easily Track Your Progress .

Plutis: Offers on-demand mental healthcare with AI-based coaching tailored to your needs, and well-being services.

The software you use today has an edge because it can seamlessly introduce AI where you’re already working.

As for emerging AI-for-work solutions? They’ll take a new look and upgrade the user experience in a host of different ways. They’re coming, but for now the most impactful tools are mostly those you already use.
So keep learning and embrace AI

Meme of the Week

Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, AI Tools and AMA Webinar is next week, Kindness Stories, AI Education, Quotes to Ponder

AI News

In August, Snapchat reported that their new AI – My AI – had been used by over 150 million people and had over 10 billion conversations. This means that Snapchat’s AI has 50 million more users than ChatGPT!
My AI is basically a conversational AI inside Snapchat. Like how you can “have a conversation” with ChatGPT, you can now have the same conversation inside Snapchat with My AI.
But here is a fun fact … My AI is using OpenAI/GPT.

Who has used Snapchat My AI?

Introducing ModelScope-Agent, an opensource, general and customizable agent framework for real-world applications for enhanced AI capabilities.

Alibaba-backed autonomous driving startup Deeproute.ai is expanding its presence into Europe, with plans to establish an operations center in Germany by 2024.

Zoom is rebranding and updating its AI-powered features in response to the competitive videoconferencing market, while addressing privacy concerns. Also Zoom announced its AI companion that can summarize meetings, draft action items, and provide presentation feedback.

HubSpot supercharged its platform with a slew of AI tools for marketing, sales, and customer support.

Meet SMPLitex: The Innovation that Automatically Analyzes and Enhances the 3D Appearance of Single-Captured Human Images.

TII Unveils Falcon 180B, Scaling Up the Popular Falcon 40B Model with Innovative Features, Including Multiquery Attention for Enhanced Scalability

In response to increasing challenges from China, the Pentagon is poised to roll out an extensive array of AI-driven technology and autonomous systems over the next two years, emphasizing agility and cutting-edge innovation.

Apple is dishing out millions of dollars daily to develop new AI products.
Nearly 1/5 of all global venture investments in the past year have gone into AI.
The prestigious AI Grant announced its second batch, feat. 29 startups.
Your feedback is valuable. If you have any questions about AI or any feedback, just hit reply or email me baskar@baachu.com

Thanks for reading AI Scoop!

AI Fresh Education

DO YOU KNOW 60% of the users of this AI are between 11 and 26 years…

With Baachu AI, it’s not about catching up; it’s about leading. Ready to be at the forefront? The past can’t compete with what we offer. 🚀 Upgrade your bidding and proposal skills with AI-powered techniques and tools.

September 2023 Schedule

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Don’t miss out on this opportunity to outshine the competition and propel your career or business to new heights. Browse the schedule below and
We diligently refresh our course materials monthly, ensuring you’re always equipped with the latest knowledge. Furthermore, as an alumnus, you’ll receive invitations every quarter to join our refresher courses, keeping your skills sharp and your knowledge at the forefront of industry developments.

AI Powered Bidder- AMA Session happening next Week !

We’re hosting our 7th AI Tools and AMA webinar on September 14th at 4 PM UK. As usual, we’ll cover the latest AI updates and news. More importantly, we want to share practical AI tools that can assist your projects, while also learning from your invaluable experiences. Your thoughtful perspectives motivate us to advance AI responsibly. This session will have a twist 😊

Click on the button below to register and if you have already registered, block in your calendar and share to you friends.

Your Weekly Dose of AI News, AI Stories, AI Tools and AMA Webinar is next week, Kindness Stories, AI Education, Quotes to Ponder

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The Magic of Decisions: Your Path to Positive Change

Life is full of choices, but the most powerful ones start with a clear, unwavering decision.
These decisions hold the key to transforming your life for the better. In this blog post, we’ll explore how making strong decisions can lead to positive change in simple terms.

You crystallize your purpose, giving it clear form and shape. This newfound clarity allows you to focus your energy and resources effectively, making your goals attainable.

The Power of Decisions:

Decisions are more than words; they’re actions waiting to happen. When you decide to do or stop doing something:

1. You set a clear goal.
2. You show commitment and determination.
3. You push past fears and doubts.
4. You build momentum for change.

How to Make Effective Decisions:

1. Define your goal clearly.
2. Imagine your success.
3. Face and overcome doubts.
4. Set a deadline for action.
5. Take consistent steps towards your goal.

Your journey to positive change begins with a decision. By making strong choices and taking action, you can shape the life you want.

So, what will you decide today to change your tomorrow?

Quotes to Ponder

How we think of our problems is how the world will think of our problems.
You are what you do. Not what you say you’ll do.A year from now, you will wish you had started today. Start today.


Success is a relationship you have with your own self.


The biggest misconception people have is that they are the odd one out and everyone else is sorted!

Have a relaxing weekend!
Lots of love,Baskar & Team Baachu

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